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Custom made bee suit | Made to measure beekeeping suits

The Bee Garden strives to provide its customers with satisfactory services in terms of safety, accurate measurements, design, durability, advanced features, and craftsmanship. In this regard, we provide custom-made Bee suits and jackets for our valued Beekeepers. These bespoke bee suits are designed to fit you perfectly. Professional and experienced tailors will craft your custom order and stitch your Bee suit according to your specifications and measurements. Our custom Bee suit services will give you the most control over the fabric, mesh layer material, and style based on your preferences. It will eliminate the problem and risk of ordering the incorrect size. When ordering your custom-made suit, please provide us with precise measurements from shoulder to toe. You can get measurement guidelines from our online representatives if you need measurement guidelines.
The following measurements are required:
1 Shoulder-to-shoulder measurement
2 Waist and chest measurements
3 Neck circumference or collar size
4 Sleeve length
5 Underarm
6 Wrist to wrist
7 Arm (Mid to wrist)
8 Inside leg or Inseam
This custom option is ideal for those who believe their size does not conform to standard measurements. Make a video while measuring your fittings for absolute perfection and comfort so that if you happen to miss measure something, our master tailor and craftsman can guide you in a better way to get excellent fitting of your custom-made bee suits. Choosing a bespoke Bee suit that perfectly fits you will provide you with maximum flexibility, comfort, breathability, and protection all at the same time. Treat yourself and your family to this service that The Bee Gardens’ skilled team has provided to our valued customers for many years.