About us

At The Bee Garden we specialize in producing high-quality beekeeping products including bee suit beekeeping jacket beekeeping gloves and veils that meet all of the needs of beekeepers to start beekeeping as a hobby or profession. We believe in zero tolerance and negligence in terms of product’s durability or quality. We highly consider the safety of the people who risk their lives to extract this golden substance from honeycombs.

Our firm The Bee Garden is established to meet high quality and safety standards. Our aim is to protect our Beekeepers and bees while extracting honey from their hives. Bee suit are essential protective shield that will keep you safe from being stung by a honeybee while performing the job. We create unique and long-lasting bee suits that will keep you fresh, stress-free, and comfortable while working as a beekeeper. After countless efforts and research, we successfully developed efficient, productive, and advanced bee suits that benefit the natural environment, honeybees, and users as well.

Why you need bee suit?

Your comfort and agility are extremely valuable to us. Bee stings must be avoided at all costs because they cause unbearable pain and damage. Do you even know that your life is at stack of thousands of stings if you are not wearing bee suit. Bees will attack you in a split second once you start trying to enter the hive. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you use gloves, a mask, and a veil to protect your face, neck, head, and body to reduce the likelihood that you will get stung by a honeybee.

Where we stand?

After countless efforts, we were able to design an advanced, comfortable, and highly capable protective gear that is essential for beekeepers. We believe that our beekeeping suit will provide them with protection and safety, allowing them to engage in fun and enjoyable honey farming. We already worked with a number of beekeepers and honey farmers in the area, earning a reputation as a credible and dependable manufacturer of bee suits.
These suits are ideal for explorers and thrill seekers alike, as many people enjoy adventure and want to learn about artificial honey farming. As a result of their quick and easy wearability, they can choose our high-end product.

Beekeeping suit formation and details:

Our product is manufactured from high quality mesh cotton fibers which keeps the suit breathable and thick which would not allow bee sting to touch you.
The most modern and sophisticated bee suits, on the other hand, provide excellent visibility, so beekeepers are well aware of their surroundings. The primary and most important component of our bee suit is the heavy cotton jacket, gloves, veil, and mask that serves as a protective shield against bee stings. Contrarily, nylon is another material used to make bee suits. This material is quite slippery so a bee could not stay long on this texture. However, the stuff is relatively thin as compared to cotton. So, this could go better in hot climates. Working with nylon material may also cause you to exhaust more because of minimum breathability.
Our designed bee suit is the one that provides the most protection against bee sting and well-ventilated. Beekeepers admire our suit, that is multi-layered with mesh material, has a quality zipper, strong pockets, is highly durable, and does not exhaust you while working.

Our vision and believe

We believe beekeeping is a superior passion that must be channelized in a way that protect the environment, natural resources, and humans as well. Everyone on our team is dedicated to providing you with excellent service and products because your well-being is extremely important to us. Our product line is huge that offer variety of bee suits that will be helpful in honey extracting. Our each and every article is consciously tested and evaluate to safeguard our clients.
Our vision is to provide an exceptional quality and mobility for beekeepers within our light weighted suit. Without any penetration and cruelty while wearing it.
It is our first and foremost responsibility and mission to protect bees and keep them safe from any harm. Our bee suits are worth purchasing and wearing due to their functionality, which has become the driving force behind our company success.
Our team is extremely dedicated to designing products that meet the needs of our customers, which allows us to expand our product line. We always priorities all aspects of beekeepers and honeybee protection and safety.
Our company understand the value and benefits of honey and bees. So, we designed our suits in such a way that they will protect the most beneficial creature in our eco system.